Script & Compressed Serif Typeface

Channel Slanted 1
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Fivos Vilanakis

Hello all.

Had good luck last time with this.

But can anyone ID the script typeface along the top of this image,

And can anyone ID the compressed serif typeface in the following lines.

...and no it's not Onyx or Bodoni Poster Compressed. Thats that I thought it was too, but if you look at the numerals, it's a dead giveaway that it is neither.

Thanks all.



"Fireworks": http://Channel Slanted 1 by Måns Grebäck [Free for personal use]

"ON MAIN ... 2014": http://Bodoni Condensed (Bold)

Nailed it on the Channel Slanted.

But it's doesn't appear to be Bodoni Condensed Bold on the serifed typeface underneath it. The numerals don't have the same type of serifs.

Nevertheless, thanks for help.


"The numerals don't have the same type of serifs."

You must be seeing more than you've shown us, J.

'ON MAIN' is a little thicker, but that's obviously just b/c of the embossing effect done on it. It's possible but highly unlikely the Bodoni Condensed Bold was customised slightly here, but they're definitely the same font here.

I see no difference on numerals serifs.
Have you checked the link I gave you?

Edit: I think "MAIN" is processed/embossed/emboldened as Henry says and this is the only difference.

Ah. I see the confusion.

I have 2 different sets of this typeface, and both of them seem to vary from the examples sent over.

As you can see in the 1 & 4 character in my screen shot of my font mngt app.

Maybe, I just have a strange version?

Thanks all.

Bodoni Poster is a different Bodoni variant.
You should acquire a Bodoni Condensed Bold and not a Bodoni Poster Compressed.

Ah. I see

Thanks all