Bates Leathers


Been digging around for hours trying to figure these out. Looking to identify both top and bottom fonts. They look so familiar and yet I haven't been able to figure them out.

This was created sometime between the 40's and 60's. I don't know exactly when though. The Bates type seems to be related to Caslon, based on the A. But I'm not sure what other fonts were used in the era that would have similar characteristics.

Any feedback or direction would be appreciated!


As for the second one, note the variation in repeating letters. For example the width of the counters in _PP_ are obviously different.
The creator of this lettering would probably have known about Eden which was designed, in light and bold weights by Robert H. Middleton 1934.
The kinked leg on the R is a design idea -- source unknown -- adopted in a 2004 font called Concrete and in some other futuristic constructed fonts.

As for _BATES_ I share your opinion that the lettering looks somewhat like a Caslon. If you are attempting to replicate it you could use a Calson Italic and edit as required. But Caslon is too light for the letters. You might also consider sloping ITC Grouch or Grumpy and editing.

That was really helpful Don! Gave me some great places to start from. Even though those weren't exactly the fonts, looking at the details of them helped to guide some of the decisions I had to make in regards to the how some areas terminated and things like that. I'm almost done with it and hopefully the client loves it. Thanks!

Happy to be of help Chhun.