An easy one - Somewhat like "Where the Wild Things Are" font

Return to Sender
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Fivos Vilanakis

What is the name of this font? (then I need to search it out! I'm a font newbie, but know how to install! ;))

We're not concerned w/ the shading/sketching pattern but what the letters look like. We want to paint it on a sign and the letters will just be a solid color.


The font (including the shading) is http://Return To Sender by Tom Kolter [2011, Free for personal use]

Another good find Fivos. I have seen an old type-face circa 1900 that may have been the model for Tom Kolter's Return to Sender, but I can't recall the specifics. The sign should have a nice vintage style.

It brings to mind McCollough for me, Don.

Designed about 1898 by Gustav F Schroeder for ATF and - according to this Klingspor Museum PDF - originally spelled McCullagh.

Less similar - but with added flair - is Matamoros NF.

Yes Mike, that's the name I was trying to recall. The letters are almost identical. If I wanted clean outlines to paint a sign I would use McCollough. If I wanted a rough look I would use Return to Sender.

Matamoros NF is based on a similar but different font -- note for example the lazy s counters in _O_ and _Q_, similar to Inland Foundry's _Inland_ -- from circa 1900 called Jason Wood by Dan X. Solo and sold by him in digital form with one of the Dover Books. Used for the title of the Solotype catalog.
I don't know the designer, original name or foundry.