Modern Sans Serif

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I was sent a raster image embedded in a docx file. I'm supposed to use this logo for signage. When will the world understand?

Please help me ID this sans serif.



Ferrovial by Andreu Balius


How did you....

Well it appears that I NEED the vector, or my client will have to live with a tracing. Can't nobody get no custom font downloaded!

Amazing Ryuk! Do you just happen to know these, or what? I am impressed with how many of these fonts you find so quickly.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks Mike :) I didn't remember this one at first sight, firstly thought it could be a bespoke and by Fontsmith (mainly because of the single storey /a, earmark of Fontsmith) but I was wrong. Then I checked North Tarrant Express website hoping for a webfont or a good PDF. No luck. And finally thought somebody would have previously asked for it, checked MyFonts WhatTheFont Forum and found the answer (thanks of Akira1975 as usual I would say).

Well, then thanks to both you and Akira1975. Hopefully my client can scrounge up the source vector file. If not, I may have to contact Ferrovial, the parent company of the contractor I'm working with.