Geometric sans

Solved by: 
Thierry Blancpain

The geometric sans in the headlines is quite familiar -- almost like a mixture of Helvetica, Neuzeit S and Futura -- but I can't quite put my finger on it.

(The body text in the second image is Glypha, I know that.)


May be Walsheim?

Thierry from Grilli Type here – this is definitely GT Walsheim. May I ask from where this is?

Thanks! Walsheim it is -- I would have recognized the uppercase "G", but I couldn't find any examples.

This was taken from the Spring 2014 issue of re:D, the alumni magazine for Parsons School of Design. The Walsheim headlines were found only in the featured article -- the rest of the magazine was in Glypha and ITC Franklin Gothic.

Thanks! The Y, both lower- and uppercase, are other very distinctive letters.