Jørgen Grotdal


Hi, I'm looking for the fonts used in this piece by Jørgen Grotdal. Assuming, that one of them is Trend sans.

I know that he doesn't draw them entirely by hand.


Hard to say... Each time I had to deal with Jørgen Grotdal work, almost everything was hand-drawn. This time, assuming Trend Hand Made Ltt is for 'QUALITY' and 'GOODS', that let us:
- 'ANNE & GLEN'/'NAVARRO': 3 /E, 4 /N, 2 /A and 2 /R, all different so most probably hand-drawn
- 'Far web': as usual close to That's Font Folks

OK, digged a bit more this case.
- 'ANNE & GLEN'/'NAVARRO': definitely hand-drawn; alternative: Military Document AOE
- 'Far web': HMK Geeoh Bold

Two good finds Ryuk. _ANNE & GLEN_ and _NAVARRO_ are really close to Military Document -- almost a handwritten transcription modified to fit the logo format. Or a transcription of the original typewriter typeface that was used as the basis for Miltary Document. Geeoh as _Far Web_ is spot on. Note the edited _a_ and _b_.