I'm looking to identify the font that was used for the word Jumpstart in this image. I know very little about fonts, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!



The font is Spellbound (Not Spellbound BV by Blue Vinyl).

It's a WSI font. WSI was a major font ripoff cloning outfit, but this one may have been an original. Over many years, I've never seen it under any other name. Note, though, that because of its dubious parentage, I'd be leery of using it commercially.

Good call Mike :)
I have 2 more names/foundries of SpellBound clones but I don't know if they are more legitimate than WSI:

GE Marquee Caps - Copyright 2000, Graphx Edge
More on Graphx Edge:

Sensation- Copyright 1988-1999 IBS -Future Corporation

Thanks for that info, Fivos. Sensation would appear to be an earlier font than Spellbound. Maybe the original, eh?

I agree, Sensation is the best candidate so far to be the original ;)