1968 Goody Packaging fonts


I love this type next to the illustrations. its seemingly a bit condensed and clean. I want to do some mockups so something close is fine. Thanks.


looking for the text for glamour bows and fashion bows. I have the entire catalog scanned at this low quality with no access to the original. sorry for the quality.


Given the lack of detail in your image, to my eye the closest available digital font is Vonnes Light Compressed http://www.fontbureau.com/fonts/Vonness/
David Berlow designed Vonness based on Bauer’s Venus of 1907-10 and expanded it to 56 fonts.
This weight existed as a metal font under the name Venus Light Condensed.
I don't know if it is possible to purchase a single font.
As for your 1968 font all I can observe is that this was the era of photo lettering and fonts for advertising and packaging were aften the result of considerable changes in width, height and weight.
p.s. I am not really certain whether this is the compressed or condensed, but this specimen shows the narrower of the two.