Word Logos? Prefab Articles? I give up...THE and AND!

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*Disclaimer: This is literally my first rodeo. Brand new member, first post ever. I admire and respect you guys already and the work that you do. I know I have a lot to learn, and that's why I'm here.

Have you ever tried to find something and realized that Google is completely useless when you have no idea what the thing is called, and not the slightest inkling of where to begin?

Well, I got lucky and stumbled upon one example today: Brothers Word Logos. But I hate to think this might be the only example out there. I'm looking for fonts that contain prefab ornamental AND's and THE's, even if the typeface is perhaps a bit kitchy.

I read that some excellent fonts for making your own The's include OPTI Sport Script, MVB Mascot, Metroscript, Machiarge, Fenway Park, Univers, and Trade Gothic (Links on this page) but I'm a sucker for the embellishments, sometimes even just simple lines above and below, that are characteristic of these ornaments, and if I try to make them myself and tailor them to the style, my results vary.

So my question is, Do you know of any other fonts out there with prefab THE & AND ornaments, like Brothers Word Logos, and can you help a brother out? Also, what are your favorite type ornament fonts? (I'm indebted to Old Foundry Prints TFB) Thanks so much for your time!

A bit of background for the curious: What I'm obsessed with is letterpress, real (imitation) wood type, the Nashville style, and concert posters. If I had my own letterpress machine and a warehouse full of wooden typesets I would never come out. But as it is, I'm resigned to strive for ballpark accuracy in a digital format for the concert posters I produce. I shy away from "distressed" and "grunge" fonts because I'd rather add character myself, and I'm a recovering Egyptian/Circus/Western font addict.

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