I know that this is customized a bit, but which font is it based upon?


Sorry, it sounds probably helpless and lazy but to me, this logotype has nothing really distinctive. You could re-do the same starting with any standard/neutral/basic sans of your choice, simply editing it a bit. The only thing you need to keep in mind is /k design. You could start from Helvetica Neue to Myriad, Trebuchet or Arial...
My choice here, Trebuchet Bold, 15 min reworked

Good answer Ryuk.
One of my favorite blogs -- called "Cutting Edge Logos" -- reveals the secrets of logo designers:

---------------- start quote ----------------------------
How to design a logo?
1. Set the name in a retail typeface
2. Cut off some corners in Illustrator
3. Cash a big check
---------------- end quote -----------------------------

For a collection of examples see http://cuttingedgelogos.tumblr.com/archive

Thanks for the answers, guys! Really useful - and amazing blog btw :)