Cemetery Monument Font


This is a rubbing off a cemetery marker. I need to match it to add the date of death (this is what I do for a living). There are only a handful of standard typefaces used in the cemetery monument industry, and interestingly, the most commonly used ones have no clear relationship to any of the most commonly used, or "historic" faces in the print industry. That's another topic all together.

Big open counters, strong contrast in weight of horizontal and vertical strokes, exceptionally high crossbar on lower case e, and a very strange and ugly contrast in character width...all appear condensed unless they are round, in which case they are perfectly round.

This particular face cannot be matched by any of the current CAD systems at the monument companies in our area, so I'm hoping that in this case, it's an identifiable font from the print industry that I can find and copy or purchase or reproduce by hand.

Any help much appreciated. Thank you.


http://University Roman Bold by Philip Kelly, Michael Daines [1984, Letraset] also available from other foundries

...to add the date of death (this is what I do for a living).

I suppose this a job where the (real) customer can't really appreciate the result :)
[just joking]

University by Mike Daines and Philip Kelly.

EDIT: late …

Thank you and yes, it's a bit of a thankless job. Not only does the real customer ever really see it (as far as we know), but even the family members who visit generally have more on the mind than how well the lettering guy did his job. So appreciate my own work, and that's about where it ends.