A version of Clarendon?

Baskerville Bold
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Hi all. This one is killing me. A friend asked me to reproduce his band logo. I am so sure this is Clarendon but I cannot find a variant with the same lowercase 'g'. I've looked at too many g's now and I'm losing it. I even thought it was a Bookman Demi for a minute (can't be, the uppercase 'T').

Thanks in advance.


What about [[http://www.myfonts.com/search/baskerville|Baskerville]] (Bold)?

Try a [[http://www.findmyfont.com/index.php/fonts/font-preview?fset=Berthold&ffa...|Baskerville (Bold)]] ;)

PS: You beat me Ryuk ;)

It is ITC New Baskerville Bold

Argh, thanks so much.

Also, who uses Baskerville? 70's mystery novels?