Looking for font used on the sign in this image. I believe the "Jose's" and "Mexican Restaurant" are the same font. If anyone could tell me the font for "Authentic" also that would be a bonus!



No idea about ‘Jose’s/Mexican’ (sorry!), but ‘Authentic/Baraboo’ is Jim Parkinson’s Showcard Gothic. It comes with some Microsoft software, so you might want to check if you already have it.

"JOSE'S/MEXICAN" is the same font: http://BlockParty DNA (Dave Simpson, Sign DNA, 2005)

I wonder about BlockParty DNA. Its not on the list of fonts credited to Dave Simpson or the other designers for Sign DNA. See LucDevroye's page on SignDNA http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-30264.html

I can't find any more information about it Don and I don't see any similar.
The exact font family name I have is "2 BlockParty DNA", the site reports 2005 as design date and the font copyright is: "Copyright 2005, Dave Simpson, Sign DNA. All Rights Reserved"

Good enough for me Fivos. I'm happy to learn that you saw nothing similar from another source. The fonts that Luc Devroye attributes to Dave Simpson are about as good a collection of original show-card style fonts as I have seen anywhere.