Font of Skating Brand "Emerica"


Hello there!

I am looking for a font which is used by the skating brand "Emerica" for some of their t-shirts.
Please find an image attached.

Many thanks for your help in advance!


It looks like http://Jersey M54 by Mohammed Rahman [2009, Free for personal use]

Great! Thanks a million! :)

Is this ( a reliable website to download fonts?

The site is well known and reliable (no viruses and such things).
Most of the fonts are uploaded by their corresponding designers, but be careful to check and respect the licenses. For example "Jersey M54" is "Free for personal use" only.
If you need it for a commercial project you should acquire a commercial license from the font designer/publisher.

Note also that a small percent of supposed "free" fonts on this site are actually illegal/renamed copies of other commercial fonts.