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Calibri for an ebook


I'm wanting rather urgently to know whether I can use Calibri roman and bold for an ebook. The Author at this stage is not yet sure whether the book will be sold in the apple store but there is a good chance it will be.

I have the fonts on my mac because they came with software and I will now purchase them, but can they be used for the ebook? I really hope so. I can officially purchase them here -

... but do I need to since they came with office products and even if I do purchase them, will that allow me to use them in the ebook? I believe the fonts are packaged when the fixed layout epub is created using CC Indesign 2014 meaning if the epub was taken apart by someone, they could potentially install the fonts, which I believe is a no no (despite them being available for free on the internet).

Hoping someone knows the answer or can point me in the right direction. We need to publish in 2 or so days!! HELP.

Kind regards,

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even if I do purchase them, will that allow me to use them in the ebook?

A “normal” license is usually a desktop license, which only allows the installation on a fixed number of local devices. It doesn’t cover any uses which “distribute” the font to other users. There are special licenses for that: web license, app license, ebook/epub license, OEM license.

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There is more then ten thousand entries (probably with duplications) when listing fonts for eBook licensing at MyFonts and Calibri is not in the list.

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Plus why would you use a typeface that everybody and their mother's therapist uses?

First things first:
- What's the book about?
- How long is it?
- What kind(s) of illustrations?

BTW Riccardo, that book looks like a must!