Shepeard's Hotel luggage label logo


I'd like to use this label as the basis for a poster design for a production of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Nile. Haven't got anything on my machine, had a look through Indentifont and WTF with no joy, so found this site recommended on a blog here and thought I'd ask, very nicely, if anyone could help. Design is for a penurious amateur drama company, so free would be nice, but not essential...
Thanks in advance


Good Art Deco lettering, but no exact match as a font.
But for the penurious amateur drama company here are three free substitutes Mouse Deco Market Deco and Caviar Dreams

The bold weight of the budget priced Concurso Italian would be a better fit, particularly if you expand the width.

I like Storm AbaldA for the top one.

Thanks, all. It's a piece of hand lettering, I guess - going by the variations in the E and S, if nothing else - but I'll give the suggestions a go. In essence, looking for something in and Art Deco stylie that doesn't make people yawn... :)