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Re: Font Legalities

Hello. This is my first post so please take it easy on me!

I was wondering if it was legal at all to take a font file, export a handful of characters from it and use it on a website? To be clear, I'm talking about commercial fonts like "Century Gothic", for example, and by "use it on a website", I mean hosting a 5-character font file and distributing it to visitors to the site.


PS: Can you recommend any good font editors/creators for Linux? Cheers.

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As a rule redistributing any part of a font is only allowed in the case of what are called "libre" fonts.


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I think you will just have to snack on a sour apple: Make GIF or PNG files with whatever word(s) you want. Subsetting commercial fonts is generally not permitted unless you pay the foundry a wodge of money for the privilege.

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As said above, not without express permission from the foundry or designer. Really good quality libre fonts are limited in number but they do exist, the https://Source family from Adobe, Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic and the http://SIL fonts being some good examples.

Can you recommend any good font editors/creators for Linux?

FontForge will be your best bet. There is a great community currently supporting and updating the tool.