Display font used in a company logo


This was supplied as a poor quality print which needs to be reproduced properly.


No repeating letters (to confirm this is a font) and the overall style looks like handwriting - not a font.

Hi, and thanks for your response. It does have repeating characters which are identical — it's just that I edited out any repeating glyphs when I uploaded the sample to WhatTheFont. I'm sure it is in fact a font, though it could well be a digitised handwriting font from a collection or app install.

Sometimes it's better to post the original sample (no resize, no editing at all).

I spent a lot of time searching for this. I searched Dafont and AbstractFonts - no luck. None of the usual ID tools came even close, and keyword searches at MyFonts came up with some similar ones, but no matches. Similar, but not quite as random-looking: http://Paquita; http://Mrs Ant; and http://Bookeyed Martin.

My guess is that this may be a custom made font, which anyone with no lettering skill and about $10 could create.

- Mike Yanega

What's the actual logo?