Please Adivce the font - Art Deco Sans style



Can anyone advice the font in the logo, I have been through many of them but unable to distinguished between 2 or 3 similar ones.

Please advice the font with your abilities of matching.

the word " tangled " only.

Hasnain Munawar


I think this could be customized House Chalet. If you mix the various 'years' you can find the right letterforms. Cut out pieces from the 'a' and 'e' and you have it.

- Mike Yanega

Chalet is a good candidate for customization. It is also deeply rooted in Bauhaus (or Pump). To me, it's either a freebie or a complete custom job based on the same /o shape (mainly no optical correction):
- /t = /o half bottom + 2 strokes
- /a = cut /o + 1 stroke
- /n = /o half top + 2 strokes
- /g = /o + (/o half bottom + 1 stroke)
- /e = cut /o + 1 stroke
- /d = /o + 1 stroke