Some type of script


Can anyone help me identify this font?

Any help appreciate
Thank you in advance


It is a free font called Riverside. See the third sample up from the bottom of this page in my Script Font ID Guide. My notes say it is available from severa free download sites.

- Mike Yanega

Lots of names... but I don't know if any of them is an original design.
Note that most (if not all) companies mentioned bellow are suspect of font forgeries,
so be extra careful if you need to acquire a commercial license.

(PS: I now see Mike's comment, that the original name is Riverside)

Antioch - (no copyright info)
Cygnet - Generated by Fontographer 3.5
Edgewater 2 - (no copyright info)
Hideaway 1 - Cambridge Fontworks
Kidnapper - (C) 1994 Brendel Informatik GmbH
Low ttnorm - Copyright (c) 1994 ImageLine Incorporated.
Low ttstd - Copyright (c) 1994 ImageLine Incorporated.
LowGlow - Copyright (c) 1996 enStep Incorporated.
LowGlow95 ttcon - Copyright (c) 1994 ImageLine Incorporated.
MC CEO - Copyright 1997 Microgetics Corporation.
Pazlina Normal - "Generated by Me"
PT Penscript - Kinghorn Company Inc. Copyright (c) 1993
PTPenscript - Ward Technologies Inc. Copyright 1994.
Remo - Copyright 1988-1999 IBS -Future Corporation
Riverside - Generated by Fontographer 3.5
SUNOKABEACHPARKfont - Copyright Inc.
Trans ttstd - Copyright (c) 1994 ImageLine Incorporated.
TransPose95 ttcon - Copyright (c) 1994 ImageLine Incorporated.

WOW! That is it. I just spent 3 hours trying to find this. I am very greatful.
Thank you

Fivos, I honestly don't know if the original name is Riverside. All I know is that was the name of the font I used to make the sample for the Script Guide. It was obviously an amateur effort, in my opinion, because the spacing was terrible. That was the reason I had to adjust the tracking to get my sample.

- Mike Yanega

Look what I found! Except for the A, the font http://Butch HMK, a Hallmark font, looks just like "Riverside". Interestingly, the design date is given as 2008, but my page for Riverside was made in 2004. Draw your own conclusions. At least the Hallmark version is spaced better.

- Mike Yanega

Good find Mike ;)
I performed a random test by choosing another Hallmark font (Fultoon HMK): reports a design date of 2010 but I have found the same font with a (c) of 1999, so I suppose the design dates reported on for Hallmark are not accurate.