Sans Serif All Caps


I have used all of my tricks and still can't seem to pinpoint this typeface. Please help!!!


Can't find a match. Would you please share more details about this sample, the origin at least?

Close as I can get is Yorkville from Dafont (seems to be blurred or something)

Bob's find of Yorkville is as close as I have seen. But, based on a reasonably thorough search, my opinion is that this probably does not exist as a publicly available font. In particular I have not spotted the combination of a vertical leg on the _R_ like Helvetica but without the little kick at the bottom, _G_ with a rounded lower rhs and no spur like a compressed Futura, _W_ with a vertex that is at only about two-thirds of the letter height, and an _S_ with extended terminals similar to Helvetica. Plus the the base of _A_ is as wide as _O_. Futurvetica anyone?

If I had to duplicate the letters I might blend Helvetica Com Narrow and Helvetica Com Narrow Bold to get a matching weight and edit as required.

I am amazed at the number of people who only use PhotoShop for layouts and find it very easy to alter fonts, thus we have a large number of things out that are not "pure" fonts anymore. Erase and a slight blur to cover your tracks - makes for a tough identification.