JBL advertisement font


Does anybody know this font?


It looks like http://ITC Avant Garde Gothic (Bold) + a modified /W & /A

Thank you very much! So you think there is really no font where these letters (W and A) are already integrated?

I think that if such a font existed, the similarity to Avant Garde will be so great that it should be considered a clone.
I checked also the alternative characters in both Av.G. Bold / Av.G. Bold Italic and there is no /A or /W like that, so I assume the designer has modified the Av.G. Bold.

Okay, so it seems I still have a lot to do... :/

No need to modify Avant-Garde, these kind of slanted variations are available as alternates through OpenType features: /http://W, /http://A

Thanks Ryuk, I had a different setting (on Myfonts) when I inspected the alternates of Avant-Garde and wasn't able to see them ;)

Actually, I noticed the same on various MF glyphs pages I visited today. 'No sample available'. Then I switched the 'Display mode' from 'Smart-sorted graphic' to 'Straight glyph dump' and shazam! Glyphs were back!

W and A are indeed alternate characters in AvantGarde - can be found with glyph palette in InDesign, CharacterViewer in Mac etc.

WOW - Thanks a lot, Ryuk!!