1970 Album Cover Font


Can anyone tell me what both of these fonts are?

Thanks as always...!


That's Herkules, digitized by OPTI/CASTCRAFT under the name of Huk and by Dieter Steffmann under the name of as Herkules.

EXCELLENT! Thanks...
What about the font below it...I'm not finding a perfect match?

Herkules designed by Haas. Your 1970 sample is predigital. It is likely from the lettering sold by Letraset under that name. The OPTI digitization, under the name Huk, seems to be an original work. I suspect that the Steffmann version is a clone. Needs to be checked.
As for OPTI fonts, here is what I usually say. Using an "orphan font" like the ones from the defunct OTPI foundry raises legal issues, even where, as in the case of this one, the font seems to be an original digitization by OPTI rather than a pirated clone of digital work by another fontmaker. Probably no problem for personal use but for anything commercial I recommend consulting a lawyer.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer. This merely a layman's opinion and does not constitute legal advice.


As for your sans, there are several fonts that were available in 1970 that might fit. For example Monotype Grotesque, available since 1926. Digital as Classic Grotesque http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/classic-grotesque-pro/

That is it...thanks again. You guys are amazing.