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Need locate this fonts!

College by Matthew Welch
Solved by: 
K.C. Thompson

Hi there!

I need locate which fonts are this!
I know they are basic but I need that they be exactly same.
I think that there are 2 kind of fonts in that picture.
I have try WHATFONTIS yet :(

Please, help me!

Thank you all ^^

P.S. here is the pictures:
-> http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/greygirlbeast/2853715/10846/10846_origina...
-> http://www.welovefine.com/4471-innsmouth-academy-66.html#.U68mHfl_u5Q


Looks like a condensed version of Sporting Life:


Yes! yes! I think this is exactly the number's font!
Done! With the name of this font I'll try to find a free one

Thanks kthomps5!

Look here for free alternates:

Ok, thanks to you I could find the exactly same fonts!

'College by Matthew Welch'

Thank you both ^^