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Help me identify these various fonts


Hey guys. I need to translate a piece of advertising at my agency but the guys who were working on it before I arrived didn't leave the text editable. Could you help me identify these various fonts? I found one very similar for the "MAGICAL" image (SimpleLife) but I'd like to know the original font as well, if there is one.



Problem to me is 'MAGICAL' and 'PRESSED' look both hand-done (all repeating letters are different)...
'PRESSED' is some kind of hand-drawn Copperplate Gothic.

Grapes, minus the initial G, is Adobe Caslon Italic:


Didn't find an exact match for the initial G, but Notera and Abuelito are close:


Pressed appears to be a distressed version of Copperplate Gothic, or possibly Copperplate Gothic Hand:


As for Magical, SimpleLife is very close. I didn't find anything as close in my search.

Yeah, they were modifed for the advertisement. Thanks for the advice on Copperplate Gothic, that one fits 'PRESSED'.

kthomps5: thanks a lot for those suggestions! I'm gonna try these at myfonts. As for "MAGICAL" I believe that it is indeed SimpleLife but modified.