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OPTIPhilip-Medium.otf and OPTIPhilip-Bold.otf
Solved by: 
Fivos Vilanakis

I think there could be three different fonts here, if anyone can identify ANY that would be great. international was the hardest to trace!


Scala Sans is the closest match I can come up with:


However, I suspect the reason why What the Font didn't produce a good match is that the type has been manually narrowed. It looks familiar, but doesn't match any of the common sans serifs with multiple weights.

International is too small to make an accurate ID.

"Medic"/"Florid" must be an OPTI Phillip-Bold / OPTI Phillip-Medium combination - probably manually compressed.
The original font (according to opti page) is Arnholm Sans but I can't find any digital version of it.

"INTERNATIONAL" also looks like a manually expanded version of OPTI Phillip-Medium

Warning!: When using OPTI/Castcraft fonts, be careful about quality and legibility issues, especially when you need a license for a commercial project. You can read more about Castcraft here:

Amazing fvilanakis! You got it!!! What do you mean by its manually compressed? I have to transform the letters a bit? I think you're right because its not the kerning thats wrong. May I ask how you were able to identify it?

Fivos is the "Find My Font" software guy - he is the master at this.

Yes, you have to transform the letters a bit, reduce the width to make them look condensed (another unofficial term is to "squeeze them"). In case of "INTERNATIONAL" you have to expand them i.e. increase the letter's width.

As Bob said, I'm the software engineer behind Find my Font application. Find my Font identifies the fonts of an image, either fonts you have on your PC or fonts included in our Online Database.
OPTI/Castcraft is not yet in our online database but we'll add it at approximately 15 days (on our next major font-database update).