I need to identify this font, please help me!



Letraset (dry transfer rub-on letters) Manuscript Capitals (1972). I don't know of any digital versions.

Good find Mike. Looks like the source of the Letraset design might have been "Daisy Rimmed Fancy" as shown on page 21 of Dan X. Solo's big catalog.
A really crappy digital Manuscript Capitals http://www.dafont.com/font-comment.php?file=manuscript_caps
Koeiekat has been working on a good quality digitization but says that it is still on the drawing board http://koeiekat.com/

The Dafont version was done from a really bad scan (low res) of a not very good source. Many letters have gaps in the outline and forms are very crude and choppy. We should point out that the outline has been removed from the examples submitted to identify. And I join Don in saying good find since the outline removal makes it all the more tricky.

Forgot to mention in my previous post that Manuscript Capitals are in the Letraset catalog [at least in the 1985 edition].
I don't know when Koeiekat will finish his version. If I wanted to make it I would do a high res scan of the letters in the Letraset catalog, delete the outlines and refine the letters. I would then recreate the outlines using a parallel lines feature.
I suppose that the letters could be classified as neo-Lombardic or neo-Uncial.