sans serif, wide font



Variant of the _A_ in Hyundai car logo.

The A in the Hyundai logo isn't as curvaceous (spent two years working on the account for Hyundai's former AOR/Digital).

Couldn't find a match to this anywhere. Pluto Sans seems to be the best match for the proportions of the LUM (flatten the bottom of the U and square off its interior corners), just need to create the A:

Options with a squared-off U:

Options with an asymmetrial A:

Good digging Kevin. I found no matches for the odd combination of an asymmetrical round top _A_ and squared _U_ with box interior. I knew the curve on the Hyundai _A_ was too boxy, but since I missed the matching _A_ in Rusty, I used Hyundai's _A_ to poke the discussion forward.
I was hoping someone would find some options for the the capital letters beyond ALUMA. Your collection is indeed helpful for making the decisions that needed to produce these "squaring the circle" letters. One possibility is to use Purista Bold as the default for letter proportions and adjust with ideas from other fonts: including widening the _M_ so that it would be somewhere between the width in Purista and Pluto; using the _A_ in Rusty; and perhaps the S from Pluto.
Perhaps ALUMA would be less conflicted and have more impact if the _U_ was a flipped _A_ without the crossbar. Which raises the possibility of making _N_ using a mirrored _A_ without the crossbar. And so forth.

As for the last part about flipping and mirroring _A_ to make other letters, I know that they would end up looking somewhat similar to several letters in the lowercase of Handel Gothic. It's probably not a good idea to flood this alphabet with various other letterforms from Handel Gothic. The Hyundai logo reads well, in my opinion because the Handel Gothic style _A_, _U_ and _N_ are contrasted with a standard _Y_.
Might be interesting to make a modified ALUMA into a font.