Former Warsaw vodka factory logo - gothic font




i am in a great need to identify the font. All the automatic serches give rather classic gothic results, which never mach the unusual capital K i n the logotype...

The strokes are the kind made with a classic wide-nib pen--I suspect this is a hand-drawn logo from the late 19th/early 20th century.

Steelplate Textura by Typographer Typographer Mediengestaltun has a similar feel (save for the K):

Thanks a lot for the tips,
i was also afraid that it could be a custom designed logo,
and you're right about the dates, the factory was built late 19th cent.

Steelplate Textura is a clone of the digital Fette Gotisch and The original font was designed by Friedrich Wilhelm Bauer in 1875
The extra serif like strokes of the lower case letters of Koneser are found on some variants of Old English. Here are several with lower case letters generally similar to Koneser:
Mariage a design by Morris Fuller Benton in 1901 for ATF and
Also as Linotext Wedding Text and Wedding
Temporal based on Newspaper nameplates from the 1920s