Off the Beaten, Africa - Dizzy, ? {Tiff}

Two more I need identified — it’s one of those weeks


The first one looks like Dizzy from Font Bureau

Melanie, sorry, I was thinking out loud, randomly, in this thread.
If I remember correctly,
you said in another thread that you were a book designer.

» do you mean — what if….the client is going to find out that….
the boy/girl… that he’s going to pay…..dosen’t……

I just am curious about some of the fonts, what they are being used for, etc.
Especially, when there’s really strange stuff sometimes.

I’m not interested necessarily in whether they are free or pay, whether there are
clients involved or not….just wondering what the font is gonna be
doing later in life.

oh well, never mind.

But Jared, you do have some explaining to do.

What’s with all the posts today?

curious george

I’ve seen the ‘Africa’ before, but I can’t remember if it was
from that very sample or the font that made up the sample.
In any case, it reminds me of the Architype stuff The
Foundry swiped from some of the bauhaus masters.


Sometimes I see my stuff here — and how other people trying to find out “what’s that?”. Not everyting is a typeface/font. And if yes — not for sell. since of the contract with the client (I’m not talking about “africa”). And yes I wonder “why they are looking for that typeface/lettering?”

Good day

Some other faces similar in flavour to the one used for ‘Africa’ are:

De Stijl
Van Doesburg

Although, given how simplistic the letterforms are, this is probably just a custom wordmark.

Another one: Architype Schwitters from The Foundry.

Dizzy Reguler to be exact

Melanie, The second one looked like Mekanek,

but it’s not.

You might try DustBust…

Looks like a few similar ones there.

Probably some pay fonts like this, too,
but I can’t think of any offhand.


can you upload them as jpg files?

here they are….

the second — from National Geographic

David Hamuel

Is anyone ever curious what becomes of these IDs on the other end?

I’m just curious some times, what are the ID-getters doing
with the fonts they need identified.

Anybody else?

not that it’s a bad diversion on a Friday.


In my case, I am a book designer. I work for a dozen or so publishers in NY, Boston and SF. Very often an editor or art director will send a jpeg of some book saying, “we like this font” but often they don’t know what it is. In other cases I see something I think will come in useful and this is just a great way to find out. So that’s what happens at my end. PS: I wanted to post an image by my name but I don’t know how.

do you mean — what if….the client is going to find out that…. the boy/girl… that he’s going to pay…..dosen’t……

David Hamuel