Gaming brand: picking the right typefaces?

So I'm attempting to to redesign the corporate identity for this brand here.

The logo is currently used for a professional gaming team that has been around for many years. In terms of what the brand should represent: professionalism, edginess & competition/sportiness with perhaps a bit of a futuristic vibe given the industry it's in.

As you can see, the text version of the logo is quite tacky and outdated (currently uses Concelian Jet).

While the core shape of the logo is unlikely to be changed, I've been considering trying to change the font used in the main logo and move it *beneath* the logo instead of on top. However, I've been struggling to find something that really fits well visually.

I've played around with Eurostile Extended, Magistral and even typefaces like TradeMarker. I just don't know what will work well visually with such a round, sharp logo. Keeping the brand qualities in mind, does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking trying to stick with something bold & oblique, but would that be a bad idea?

Furthermore, our assisting brand font is currently DIN but I've been thinking about switching to the less sterile and softer Roboto although I worry that it may not mesh well with the logo.

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers their input.

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