Quote font? Condensed San serif with spur in G


What I can tell is that it's san serif, possible condensed. The "R" have straight tail, the "G" has spur, and the bottom arm of "F" is a bit shorter than the top arm.

The fonts that are close enough are Gnuolane, Arial Narrow, and Avenir Next Condensed.

Please let me know what is this font is. Thanks!


It looks like http://News Gothic Condensed (Bold) by Morris Fuller Benton [1909]

Thanks although I would prefer to find free fonts. Lucky, I found a free News Gothic Condensed font for download.

The fact that you may have found News Gothic somewhere in a pirate site for download, it doesn't means that it's free. Please respect and support the rights and income of the font designers and publishers - especially the designers.
If you need it for a project with no appropriate budget, you can always find a similar, alternative font which is either free or free for personal use.