Help with specifying magazine typeface

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Help with specifying magazine typeface

Hi all

I am working on a pitch for a trade magazine for optometrists. Clearly legibility and readability are paramount, but as a membership magazine we want to attract and engage readers, so character and aesthetic is just as important. I think a sans, given competitive media is going to be the main body and headline face, but I would like a serif or perhaps a slab serif to complement and add texture.

I'm literally just starting so would welcome any ideas as to any families which have both slab and supporting sans which might work for this type of title?

It doesn't need to be cutting edge but contemporary and versatile - also not too expensive (i.e. no H&F fonts!)


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Some sans/slab pairings that I like and consider easy to read:
Adelle Sans/Adelle
Guardian Sans Text/Guardian Egyptian Text
Kievit/Kievit Slab
Lumin Sans/Lumin
Stag Sans/Stag
Unit/Unit Slab

You may also be interested in this font list by FontShop.