Turbine typefamily

This is my new typeface Turbine. It will be part of the fontfont family soon but I think it is still a lot of work to do. The idea is quite simple: A squarish grotesk with open apertures. I would be very happy to get some comments and suggestions.

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I think /f and /t could be a little bit wider to get the same openness as in the other letters. I think I would make the spine of /s a bit less diagonal. That's all the feedback I can give. I like the typeface a lot.

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Thanks for the hint with the spine of the /s. I fixed the problem and I think it works much better.

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That's better even though I would lightly reduce the thickness of the spin. However it's hard to compare without other letter.

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Wait, which "s" is better, and why?
(What André said.)


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I think the second /s is clearly better as it follows the squared shape of the other letters more clearly. I also think it's more aesthetic on its own, though that's probably a secondary consideration.

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