Can anyone identified this font. Thanks


I had try Helvetica but is closed to 80%

and also try identifont, myfont, whatthefont,fontedge but not avail.


May have been created custom. Here's a tool to help you do that:

Evidently, ham radio operators have a need for fonts with slashed zeros and have websites listing common ones, but I didn't find a match on any of them, nor on any of the major foundry sites.

Thanks [ kthomps5 ] for the guide, will try that one in inDesign

Thanks [ donshottyp ], i got browse to this site before and it closely look like [ glass gauge ].

Thanks for the effort guy.

Here you go -- a collection of fonts with slashed zero for Amateur Radio May not be a perfect match for all details of your image but at least they have this feature and you don't need to modify a font.