Help - two fonts ID


could someone tell me which fonts are these?

- The one used in the logo "OASIS"

- And the one on this image



'OASIS': Optima came first to my mind but don't think that's the one... A bigger and/or not angled sample would surely help.
'HUGO & MARIE': if I clearly remember, it's a custom logo work by Hugo Mario (half of 'Hugo & Marie'). Used to be showcased on his website.

Shell Sans Table from Font-Bureau has some of that feel too, but Optima is also good.

If you manually condense and letter space either of these fonts (and raise the crossbar on the A), you have a pretty good match for "OASIS."

Zapf Humanist

URW Classico


BTW, Zapf Humanist is Bitstream version of aforementioned Optima and Classico URW's ;)

Yes, but Optima has sharper stroke ends than the other two, which don't appear on the OASIS sample (from what I can see).

You're definitely right Kevin :)