Cornell University T-Shirt - Unique Inline Type

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My boss has lost the screen for one of our T-shirts, and he needs me to remake it in Adobe Illustrator. I was not the original creator of the design, and I'm stumped as to what fonts are used. The bottom one "University" looks like a typical varsity font, but the top one is giving me trouble. I tried to clean up the image in Photoshop and use, but my graphic-art skills are limited, and I had no luck. If anyone could identify this font for me, or suggest a close alternative, I'd be most grateful. Cheers!


Tweak the proportions and, in some cases, the length of the arms of the C, and you could add the rules to any one of these:

My best guess for UNIVERSITY:

Both look like Agency and possibly Font Bureau version if you'd like to get different variations in weight and width.

Ryuk, Agency is a much better match for UNIVERSITY, not so much for CORNELL.

Could be my eyes but looks like Agency Bold (or Black), manually outline three times...
Quick mock-up using Agency Bold only for both 'CORNELL' and 'UNIVERSITY'

Ryuk, I stand corrected.

Much thanks to both of you!