Renoir frame nameplate


I've found similar but nothing matching... please help!


Labels on frames were hand-drawn/hand-painted in that era (late 19th/very early 20th century).

Best match = Vogue (just widen the letter spacing on RENOIR):

Treasure trove has a hand-made feel, though much looser than your sample:

Same goes for Pelican and Antiquarian:

Thanks for the suggestions kthomps5... I was actually hoping for a cleaned-up version of this, not so rough and hand-drawn. It's for a branding project. Any other ideas?

If your after something more polished, the following may do:

The issue is finding something with a curved foot on the R, that little upflip on the right terminal of the horizontal stroke on the 4, and the 9s with the curled up bottom stroke. Some of the above only have two out of those three.

Reminds me of Engravers. With some little adjustments (mainly /R leg and /4), you could get pretty much there. Luxury Diamond is also interesting.
If you're particularly after such a /R leg but open-minded for a different overall design, you might be interested by De Vinne and especially in this case one of its reinterpretation Romana. More 'De Vinne'.

Check the leg on the R in Cloister Old Style Bold Designed by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF circa 1913

Great options, thanks all! I'm really liking Zingha and Romana

To my eye the best match so far is Minister Bold, it even has somewhat similar numbers.