USAF stencil plotter font...has to have an equivalent someplace



The capital R has a gap, the Q has a distinctive, right-facing, single-stroke tail...Palatino comes close, but only if you substitute the Q from Palatino Sans.

I'll keep searching.

Yeah, Palatino is close, but it's not there. This is driving me insane...I'm really good at fonts normally. Nobody at the unit the jet is attached to seems to know, but it just doesn't seem like it's an overly complex typeface....except it is!

Finally, I think I have some suggestions for you:

If there is any chance of getting a better quality sample image, that might help narrow it down.

Better look....

Thanks for the higher-quality sample. Sadly, it didn't result in any direct hits in Whatthefont or Whatfontis.

These are closer than my previous guesses, but still no dead-on match.

Angie Sans

Friz Quadrata

Baker Signet

Of we go high in the sky into the deep blue yonder with these wide speedy air force letters: You won't get this out of a box because, in my opinion, a font probably does not exist in this form. It's probably a manually sloped and squooshed Frankenfont. I started with Albert Boton's 1996 design called Pompei -- partly because of the similarity in _a_ -- sloped the letters 15 degrees right, cut a gap in _R_ and substituted the _Q_ tail from Baker Signet. Further editing could pretty well duplicate your image. BTW if this looks heavy, there is also a light weight version of Pompei.

That's a great idea! Every once in a while, I run across a font in one of these stencil plotters that doesn't have a commercial equivalent. I could draw the dadgummed thing by hand, I was just really not looking forward to it. I REALLY appreciate everyones help though...I really do!

Happy you like this suggestion for modifications. Hope you get results you can use.