Engraved Bricks

Trade Gothic Condensed

I work for a company that specializes in Personalized Brick Fundraisers and recently have acquired a new customer who has existing personalized bricks from a vendor that is no longer in business. This customer would really like to be able to order more bricks but they don't know what font was used and would really like the new bricks to match the old bricks. After many unreturned phone calls and emails to the previous vendor, I have taken matters into my own hands. Which is why I am now typing this...I have spent the last two hours attempting to figure it out and I really have no idea what I am doing. I have tried "whatthefont" and "font identifier".

The results they have given me are:

EF TV Nord - the M does not match though


Trade Journal Narrow JNL - the R does not match though

Any help/direction or advise would be greatly appreciated!



The spur on the G makes me think it might be Bell Gothic, manually condensed. The S looks a little off, but it might be close enough.

Looks like Alternate Gothic No2 to me, but simple is rough.

Bell Gothic is a good visual match, but it's a font not typically known outside of the design world and its modifications (stroke connections are cut/sharpened, to prevent ink build-up and to improve printed legibility) wouldn't be helpful in a sandblasted application.

Trade Gothic Condensed is more common, and likely:


Thank you all for you input, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED. I know this is difficult because the previous vendor did use sandblasting so as you can tell, though the same font was used throughout, not all the characters came out consistently.