The Saint TV Programme Font


Can anyone identify the font used please. I think it may possibly be 2 fonts. Been pulling my hair out trying to find it lol


In the 1960s, lettering artists still created most TV and movie titles by hand, and that is almost certainly the case here.

Since the TV show dates back to the '60s and also looking at the logo my guess would be hand drawn as were a many of the TV/movie titles and credits of the era.

ahhhh not good!! Do either of you know a font that's similar to it??

You could start with almost any bold condensed sans--Impact, for example--in a vector drawing program like Illustrator. Convert your type to outlines, set the fill to white and the stroke to black. Use the direct selection tool to push and pull the various letters into the shapes you want. Then offset the path by a few points (set the joins to "round") and fill the offset with black to create the dark "halo" effect around the letters. Good luck!

You might also consider taking a look at the House Industries website ( and check some of their typefaces. One that is similar is Shag Lounge: It all depends on whether you just want a similar face or are trying to recreate the logo. If it's the latter, I would just trace it in Illustrator.

When a _T_ [or any other letter] intermingles with another letter like this, it can be called an interlock. Luc Devroye has complied a collection of Interlocking typefaces at Myfonts You might find something of interest there.
The Saint is lettering, so you will not find an exact match.

thank you all so much for your comments they are very much appreciated :)