What is the font for Greene in the middle and where can I find it


Feel Script by Alejandro Paul.

Thank you could you Identify the David and Meredith font?

I think it is Avenue Roman, but I don't know where to buy it and thanks!

Lizbug12, I think you meant Avenir Roman, which is available here for $29 (though I think DPape's call for the lighter weight is correct):

There are fonts called Avenue, but not a match to your sample:

The stationary site calls it Avenue Roman and they suggested a font called Full Circle. Tinyprints is the site if you want to test it. Thanks for the help in advance.

@Lizbug12 -- Just a FYI: stationery companies are famous for renaming the fonts they offer to make it difficult for consumers to match. The consumer can't find it elsewhere under that name so assumes they can only get it at one company.