What is this font? I need this typography to recreate an old paper. Thanks!



Thank you very much Kevin , but I need the exact font ...

Image is so tiny. I would love to see an image that would show some detail of the tendrils or swash elements before I give you any suggestions.

Susana, I'm afraid that "old" doesn't help much. 3 years old? 30? 130?

As an aside, does anyone know of a decent search engine that only returns hits for exactly what you've typed. The common search engines now are converting my search for SOGIEDAD ALCOLERA (Catalonian?) into SOCIEDAD ALCOHOLIKA (grrrr ...). It used to be that you could put your query into parenthesis and only get exact hits. Now they try to guess what you really wanted ... and are often wrong.

Mike I agree it's frustrating when Google edits my spelling. I tried a couple of variations including
I had to delete the word SOGIEDAD, which Google really does not like, to get something remotely resembling the topic. But no matching logo or label.
label ALCOHOLERA Catalonian Cataluña -ALCOHOLIKA
at least produced some Catalonian labels.

You should use straight quotation marks to search an exact string.

Quote marks caused Google to say "no results" and revert to scattered words.

I have enlisted the help of some local searchers with historic experience of Cataluña


Thank you very much to all. Don is the typography that I need, that of the last image. Would you know what it is?
Thank you very much all over again.

_G_ reminds me of Uncial type fonts, so it might be useful to search through fonts in that category. See for example the _G_ in two fonts by Manfred Klein Joe Caxton http://www.fontspace.com/manfred-klein/joecaxton and GoticaBastard http://www.fontspace.com/manfred-klein/goticabastard The other letters don't match, but at least it's a start.
Larger image would really help.

Shesmetet, your sample predates digital fonts, and it is highly unlikely that you will find a modern match.

I really don't have enough details in the image to do much more.
All I can offer is the thought that this may have been produced by Fundición Tipográfica Richard Gans - Madrid and a search of the Gans specimen books might produce something.

The lettering reminds me of Art Nouveau styles, but looking through my books did not turn up anything close enough to say it was a model for this hand lettering (note the variations of A). In other words, I do not think there is 'an exact font', because this looks hand-drawn.

- Mike Yanega

My searches have turned up results indicating that Google may be right; there is a 'Sociedad Alcoholera de Chinchon', and one old photograph of one of their buildings is captioned with a similar font (but the swash on the A is definitely smaller).

Scroll down on this page...


Warning, you will see some Stencil and some Papyrus at the top of the page! :)

Good digging John! OK I have done what I can to clean up the original specimen and put it together with a cleaned up excerpt from your link

I'm not certain what to make of it.
Your photo seems to date from 1909, which is very consistent with the style of lettering.
The ID request lettering is somewhat similar, at least for _A_, so it could perhaps be from the same era.
It would be possible to try re-lettering the ID request in this style, with the addition of the flourishes for _S_, _G_, _A_, and _C_, but I definitely see no matching font. Except for the _G_ mentioned in my previous post.