Comtesse du Barry packaging

Century ITC, Numbers Strasse
Solved by: 
K.C. Thompson


Bodoni, roman for SECRET, bold for 05 (with a custom divot taken out of the top crossbar of the 5):

No. could be Bodoni Chancery, but too small on the sample I found to be sure (could also be a catchword from another font):

1/ a link to sample here
2/ I think it's rather Century ITC than Bodoni. They also use it on their website
3/ N°: can't say at this size and even with a not angled sample...

Bigger samples help.

Ryuk, I rescind the Bodoni comment. Definitely ITC Century for SECRET, and likely for 5 and 9, although the 7 and 3 don't match up.

Well, the numbers are definitely a typeface (see attached link and image). Damned if I can find it.

No. may be from Price Didone (numbers, sadly, are not):

The numbers (and most likely the No.) are Strasse, by Hoefler & Frere-Jones (before they split):