Typeface on the cover of the Criterion release of “Persona”


Could anyone please identify what typeface they are using on the cover of the recently issued “Persona” film by Criterion. It reminds me Optima but with rounded corners. (Sorry the first two letters are cut off, the sticker was covering them.) Thanks.

Here's the whole cover:


Kurosawa Sans is close, but isn't quite right (not enough stroke contrast on the O, angled stroke ends):


In thread http://typophile.com/node/120887 I asked the experts who congregate in the general discussions forum if they had any information on a lower case for Florida.
Some experts on font history do not seem to participate in the the general discussions forum, but do contribute to the font ID forum.
So I might as well ask the same question here; does anyone have any information on a lower case for Florida?