Signage at Disney World for Diamond Horseshoe Saloon


I'm looking to create a show poster based on the fonts seen here, particularly the two in the word "Salo[on]" but can't find a good match. Grateful for any help.


Here is an incomplete listing of the fonts used at Disney World If you know the name of the attraction with your sign, there may be a match.

I know that, in the past, Disney employed a team of masterful lettering artists who hand-made signage. I don't know if this is still true today, but plenty of Disney-related fonts have been, in fact, made after the fact to simulate such lettering.

I strongly suspect that your Horseshoe Saloon sign is a custom creation. If so, it might be that another Disney-inspired font, Gracey's Curse may be as close as you get digitally. The font was created by Robert Nava (who also runs the website I've linked you to) to simulate some Haunted Mansion lettering.

Can't state if it's custom or not but I can't remember any "hand-food-chopper head" font like this one... . What I could say for sure is your second sample is full of commercial fonts ('Proudly Presents' > Ballantines Script, 'DAI...' > Blackoak, 'ENTERTAINMENT' > Buffalo Gal). It would be interesting also to see the complete artwork.
For inspiration, I strongly encourage you to have a look to FontMesa, Letterhead Fonts and Decade Type Foundry.

Thanks Ryuk for the new font classification _hand food chopper head_. Very descriptive. Right up there with mustache Tuscan.

The only 'Hand food chopper head' font that comes to mind is an old Letraset font called Locomotive, which was revived in the Expresiv Ornate collection as "Lender". However, it is less ornate than this sample.

- Mike Yanega

According to my Letraset catalog Locomotive is a Martin Wait design. No mention of it among the digital fonts by Martin Wait listed at Identifont or Myfonts. Lender currently exists as a digital font in the usual places.
Lender is fairly well made. Perhaps it could be modified to make the letters.