Condensed San Serif - Provoke Japanese Photobook 1968-70



Rama Gothic Condensed Heavy comes close:

Thanks kthomps5! Close, but the descender of the "p" is much longer in Rama Gothic Condensed Heavy. The left stem of the "v" is also noticeably thicker. Maybe this is a typeface that was never digitized?

If you horizontally compress California Grotesk Black, you may get closer (and you will probably have to trim the ascenders and descenders:

Thanks! Worth a shot.

I agree with the never digitized idea. This from the heyday of photo-lettering when fonts were expanded, compressed and or clipped at will.
Kevin's suggestion of California Grotesk Black gives you a candidate to do the same with digital tools. Here is California Grotesk Black compressed so that the height width ratio matches your sample, done by compressing the width to 49%.

But, as you can see the compressed version is not nearly bold enough.
You need to start with a high contrast [aka thick and thin] grotesk that is a much heavier weight than California Grotesk Black. Must be an ultra black somewhere that you could compress.

You could also start with [[|Helvetica]] Ultra Compressed/[[|Swiss 911]]. With some minor adjustments, it could do the trick.
You could also wait for Kris Sowersby's soon-to-be-released [[|Manuka]].
More alternatives: [[|Dudu]], [[|Tall Skinny Condensed]], [[|Chalet Comprimé]] 1980, [[|Fusion Sans]], [[|Press Gothic]], [[|Compacta]], [[|British Inserat]]

Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions! It is much appreciated.

Out of the box somewhat close Agency FB Compressed Bold

Adding an interesting one, Berton Hasebe [[|Druk Condensed]] for Commercial Type.