Condensed San Serif - Provoke Japanese Photobook 1968-70



Rama Gothic Condensed Heavy comes close:

Thanks kthomps5! Close, but the descender of the "p" is much longer in Rama Gothic Condensed Heavy. The left stem of the "v" is also noticeably thicker. Maybe this is a typeface that was never digitized?

If you horizontally compress California Grotesk Black, you may get closer (and you will probably have to trim the ascenders and descenders:

Thanks! Worth a shot.

I agree with the never digitized idea. This from the heyday of photo-lettering when fonts were expanded, compressed and or clipped at will.
Kevin's suggestion of California Grotesk Black gives you a candidate to do the same with digital tools. Here is California Grotesk Black compressed so that the height width ratio matches your sample, done by compressing the width to 49%.

But, as you can see the compressed version is not nearly bold enough.
You need to start with a high contrast [aka thick and thin] grotesk that is a much heavier weight than California Grotesk Black. Must be an ultra black somewhere that you could compress.

You could also start with Helvetica Ultra Compressed/Swiss 911. With some minor adjustments, it could do the trick.
You could also wait for Kris Sowersby's soon-to-be-released Manuka.
More alternatives: Dudu, Tall Skinny Condensed, Chalet Comprimé 1980, Fusion Sans, Press Gothic, Compacta, British Inserat

Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions! It is much appreciated.

Out of the box somewhat close Agency FB Compressed Bold

Adding an interesting one, Berton Hasebe Druk Condensed for Commercial Type.