Recent Modernist Typeface


This is from a recent Danish television program ( Borgen ) some debt to Eurostyle here.


So hard to tell from such a small sample, but Moire by Ascender (the same people who created Droid Sans) has a similar shape, at least for the numerals:

Thanks, that's close indeed. I've got another, closer capture with some different characters but for some reason, I can't insert another image.

Moire has the right width to height ratio for the numerals but the waistline of the numerals is too low. About the only font I know with a fairly close matching height for the waistline of the numerals is this one
This is Cyrus Highsmith's _Scout_ from Font Bureau with width expanded 120%

It could also be Heldustry...

I like the looks of Heldustry, Nick. Let's see if Alisdair can get us a larger sample for comparison.

Great work everyone! Heldustry looks closest to me. Thanks again!

He's the close up with additional characters.

Sadly, the 1 doesn't match in Heldustry.

But it does match the _1_ in Scout. The _4_ also matches.

Whatever it is, it's neither Scout or Heldustry to me. Something else... Still searching...