Resource Water Font on Bottle Design –


Would appreciate identification of typeface used for font on bottle container – "resource"... Also, need to know the font for the supporting description "NATURAL SPRING WATER".

Thanks in advance to all who can help.
- Vicz


I thought it could be Bliss: as they use it on their website, but on second thought I now don't think so.

Thanks for the feedback 'rricard0'...It's not Bliss; the letter that really tells a unique quality of the font is the letter R. I'll keep trying in the meantime and thanks in advance to anyone else who can help.
- Vicz

Fenwick comes very close, if you condense it slightly and make minor adjustments to the r and u:

The free font Otto Regular is also close, if you add the spur to the r and straighten out the crossbar on the e:

Given that this is a package for a major brand (Nestle's), it's probably custom