Can somebody please help me with this font?


I desperately need to find out which font is used in this logo, since I couldn't find and contact original designer who did this. I would appreciate your help.

Many thanks!


News 701 is Bitstreams version of Ionic No. 5 - and is as close as my guess.

Ionic No. 5 designed by Chauncey H. Griffith for Linotype in 1922

Other names and versions of Ionic include Aurora BT (also called News 706 BT by Jackson Burke, Bitstream), Imperial BT, Corona LT, News 705 BT (which is Bitstream's Corona), Nimrod MT, Clarion MT. Source: Luc Devroye's Ionic (newspaper) typefaces page. which is based on a comparison by Uli Stiehl.

Thank you very much guys!!! You made me really happy. Wish I could take you all to Darby's Pub and have a beer or two with y'all.

Have a great weekend! :)

Previous specimen Ionic No. 5 looks thicker than it should for the font. Try this
_Darby's_ looks like a heavier version of Ionic.
Anyway I have not found a font with an exact match to the center stroke on the _a_ of _Darby's_. However you could use News 701 BT and most people would not notice the difference.

Thank you, Don! I will consider that too.

Good find Akira. I don't see any major conflict between the image for ID [at top] and a test specimen of Sentinel Medium [at bottom].

Looks a trifle thick. But this might just be an effect of the larger size of the test specimen. If it is in fact thicker than the image for ID there is Sentinel Book, which I did not test.

Good find Akira - Sentinel Book may be exact Don if medium looks a bit thick -

Akira is correct, the serifs on News 701 are graduated, on the sample they are truely slab.

Sentinal by H&FJ it is.